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Hey folks! 

My name is João Antunes and I'm a tech professional who's always trying to push things forward. Software engineer, interested in everything related to the software development process, including the development itself, solutions architecture and technical leadership, as well as more adjacent activities, like promoting technical discussions and knowledge sharing, helping colleagues level up through trainings and learning paths.

I've worked across different projects and industries, developing (micro)services, web applications, IPTV applications and a bunch of other stuff. When developing, I've mainly focused on backend systems but always keeping an eye on what's going on in the frontend.

In terms of tech stack, my main focus over the years has been .NET and C#, but I've worked with other technologies and enjoy trying and learning new things as much as possible. Awarded as Microsoft MVP, in the developer technologies category.

I have a blog and a YouTube channel where I talk about all the subjects around software development (you can find links somewhere in the profile). I also do some presentations on meetups, conferences and related events.

Big remote work supporter, as I believe the tech industry is in a privileged position to provide the best work-life balance, skipping unneeded commutes and relocations, while also being an example to the other industries.

Outside the programming world, I’m a bit of gadget addict, headbanger (notice something familiar in my blog title?) and am found regularly ranting about something 🙂.
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May 30, 2022
📢 New one available through the tubes!

I've been noticing in recent chats that folks have difficulty explaining why do we use async/await, tasks and related, when building ASPNET Core applications.

I hope that this video, very high-level and narrowly focused by design, can help in increasing the understanding of the importance of using these features.

#dotnet #csharp #aspnet #aspnetcore
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May 25, 2022
After the initial course, now finished "Grokking the Advanced System Design Interview".
Like its predecessor, pretty cool stuff!

This one went into details of how some popular distributed systems are built, like Kafka, Cassandra, HDFS and more.

While going through these systems, common distributed systems patterns are explained, like the ever-present CAP theorem, vector clocks (which I used in my master's project a long long time ago 😅) or bloom filters.

If you're into this kind of stuff, give it a go!

PS: even if the title says interview, it's useful even if you're not preparing for one, it's just good information about distributed systems.
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May 03, 2022
🎥 New (very quick) video posted on the tubes!
"Quick shout-out to DevToys"
#softwaredevelopment #devtools #dotnet
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Apr 25, 2022
Been playing a bit with Go the last couple of days.

Ported my "OOPs, I did it again" presentation C# code to Go, to get a feel for things.

I'm pretty sure the code is not idiomatic Go, and Go developers would butcher me in a review, but hey, gotta start somewhere 🤣.
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Apr 12, 2022
New one up on the tubes!
"Polymorphic JSON Serialization (feat. .NET & System.Text.Json)"
#dotnet #csharp #json
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